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Assorted Cold Coffee (Pack of 6)

Assorted Cold Coffee (Pack of 6)

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Introducing our Assorted Cold Coffee 6-Pack, a delightful assortment crafted to satisfy your coffee cravings. This pack features a balanced combination of flavors, including 2 Classic Cold Coffees for a timeless taste, 2 indulgent Hazelnut Cold Coffees for a nutty twist, and 2 luscious Vanilla Coffees for a touch of sweetness.

Each bottle is infused with the richness of a double shot of espresso, ensuring a robust caffeine kick. The creamy texture adds a velvety smoothness to every sip, enhancing your coffee experience. From the deep, familiar notes of classic coffee to the aromatic allure of hazelnut and the comforting essence of vanilla, this pack offers an array of delightful flavors to tantalize your taste buds. Embrace the perfect harmony of espresso, creaminess, and exceptional flavors with our Assorted Cold Coffee 6-Pack.


2 x Vanilla Cold Coffee
2 x Hazelnut Cold Coffee
2 x Classic Cold Coffee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

The classic cold coffee was really rice and amazing, however the vanilla flavoured and hazelnut flavoured coffee were unseemly. Hazelnut coffee did not taste like it, and depicted quite a different taste. Also, the texture of the milk seemed thin for my liking.

Abhishek Arora
Great taste!

Classic & Vanilla flavors, consistency, strong coffee taste, low sugar, glass bottle, introductory lower price - all things were excellent!
The only thing I would recommend is - reducing excessive plastic packaging. The sole reason I would not be reordering again unless from quick commerce sites (that won't bring that packaging). I understand why it was done, especially for glass bottles, but I highly recommend to check how other brands (like Bartisan) are also shipping glass bottles with smarter custom cardboard design and zero plastic packaging.
Also, it would be even more amazing if we could get this in aluminum cans for on-to-go coffee - this also means no fragile glass bottles for shipping :)

John Smith
Good coffee and good taste

The coffee has good taste and good variety. But It should have a easy unscrew cap and a little more quantity per bottle.

Excellent coffee drink

Excellent option for cold coffee with nice choice of flavours and just the right quantity. The classic flavour is the best followed by vanilla

Aqsa Aqeel
Loved the flavours

Consistency was really good. Packaging was really good. My favourite was classic cold coffee.

Everything You Need To Know

Storage Instructions

The cold coffee have a shelf life of 6 months. Once opened, please refrigerate and consume with in 30 days.

Delivery Information

Once ordered, your coffee will be dispatched from our base in Bangalore within 24 to 48 hours, in the best condition, with reliable courier partners across the country. Updates will be sent to your phone number and email ID used for placing the order, and if there's any concerns, please reach out to us!

Know Your Brewer

Your cold coffee has been brought to you by our co-founder, Vardhman Jain. He's been home brewing since he was 15, and knows his coffees inside out. Together with his amazing team, he ensures quality control for every brewed batch, and makes it a perfect serve each time, so you get the same taste and flavour with every serve.

Nutritional Information

- Less than 25kcals per serve 
- Less than 15gms sugar per serve 
- No artificial flavour or colour
- Ready to drink