Our Story

It took five plus years, multiple conversations, and a whole lot of drive, to help our bonhomie become BONOMI. Here’s how that happened. 

Beans in a Pod

We met at Uber, back in 2015. We never worked together, but we bonded in off-work hours, being similarly ambitious, though extremely different otherwise. 

While one of us explored a passion for growing businesses, seeing how companies go from Zero to One, by being a part of that process, the other one of us silently honed a passion for home brewing and the world of coffee - something that started at the early age of 15.

Down To The Grind

In 2020, when the first version of BONOMI was born, cold brew coffee was on the fringes, and not at the heart of it. But even then, and since then, trusting our gut, and expanding our passions, was front and center. It’s literally who we are as people - we don’t know any other way :)

What’s defined us over the years, as founders and friends? Trial and error. Trying what best builds the future we see coming to pass in the next ten years. Trying to find the best ways to brew and flavour, and the best way to spread joy. And knowing where the errors are, and how they fall out of circulation.

The Right Blend

We both don’t work on the same things at BONOMI. Like a good cold brew coffee and milk, we’re best left unmixed; but we’re both deeply enmeshed in the way we see every bottle brewed, bottled, and sent out, all ready to be drunk, all totally in-house, and all local, always.

Away We Go

Where are we going from here? We’re going to hold our cards close to our chests for now. But we’ll tell you this - bringing our love for and expertise, in servings full of joy, is the thing we hope to achieve, every single time. And we hope you’ll be along for the ride. We’re glad that somewhere, you already are :)

Alim, our first employee!

Introducing Alim, a dynamic and dedicated individual whose journey with BONOMI has been nothing short of remarkable. From the outset as the company's inaugural employee, Alim began his career as an administrative executive, contributing to the foundational aspects of the organization. His relentless work ethic, coupled with a natural aptitude for problem-solving, quickly garnered attention, leading to his promotion to the pivotal role of Factory Manager.

Alim's ascent within BONOMI is a testament to his unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions. Over the years, he demonstrated an innate ability to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and, notably, save resources—a skill set that has proven indispensable in the dynamic landscape of the cold brew and cold coffee industry.

Today, Alim stands at the helm of BONOMI's sales vertical for cold brews and cold coffee, showcasing not only his professional growth but also his versatility in navigating diverse aspects of the business. His journey from administrative tasks to overseeing a critical segment of the company speaks volumes about his adaptability and leadership capabilities.

Known for his tenacity, Alim has earned a reputation as a hardworking individual with an innate knack for financial prudence. His ability to identify opportunities for cost savings has not only contributed to the financial health of the company but has also underscored his strategic acumen.

Our Mission

So why cold brew coffee, why locally sourced and brewed in-house, and why now?

Today, people are thinking about what they drink, whether it’s avoiding binge drinking, cutting down on sugar-filled sodas, expecting water to be smart, or going vegan. 

It’s now easier than ever to participate in consumption patterns that are mindful, inside and out. 

Even with coffee - people aren’t just looking for the early morning caffeine fix. There’s a desire to experience it, savour it, and explore its extent, in the healthiest of ways, without diluting the first principles. 

BONOMI hopes to bring ease to that desire to drink better. The aim is simple: to create the coffee experience that’s ready-to-drink, easy on the body and mind, and bring it to you on the go, without compromising on taste or technique. 

With cold brew coffee, which is brewed in-house over 24 hours, and in regular batches weekly, we’re not just working to ensure the quality of your serve is top notch, but it’s also a way for us to flavour each bottled brew with a little bit of that love and passion that’s building BONOMI in the first place. 

Add to that, it’s certified vegan, gluten-free, low on sugar, or sugar-free in certain variants, and is also much healthier than the average cup when it comes to bumping up the anti-oxidants, and reducing the bitterness and acidity. 

Over and above we know that coffee is a first love, a personality, a driving force, and a habitual companion for many. We’d like to celebrate exactly that, in the way we know best, and share the joy while we’re at it. 

So, take a chance, take a sip, and give joy a whole new meaning, with BONOMI.


Vardhman & Armaan