Small Batch Syrup Starter Kit

Small Batch Syrup Starter Kit

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We hear you’ve been looking to level up your culinary game! Welcome to the other side. The BONOMI syrup starter kit is the perfect addition to your drinks, alcoholic and otherwise and also pairs perfectly with your breakfast delicacies, bakes and even some savoury cooks!

With 9 glorious syrups, crafted to perfection by our in-house wizard, Vrushalee, these syrups are here to change the game. The starter kit comes in 20ml bottles, perfect for experimentation, till you decide your favourite ones to order from our 100ml options. 

Move over stocking up those large bottles in the fridge that take over a year to finish.


Crafted by Vrushali Nabar aka our in-house syrup wizard, who hails from Bombay and has been part of the BONOMI crew since it's inception.  


9 syrups, in easy to use 20ml bottles. Each bottle can be used to make 1-2 drinks, depending on the amount the use. The standard pour measure is 20ml. 

  • Lychee Lemongrass Syrup
    Crafted with the refreshing elements of lychee and lemongrass, the lychee lemongrass works incredibly with your gin concoctions and cocktails and with tonic water and/or soda for a refreshing mocktail.

  • Cherry Spice Syrup
    Rich with the sweetness of fresh cherries with a kick of whole spices, this syrup adds the very berry element to your gin cocktails, mocktails with soda/tonic and can also be added to your breakfast pancakes!

  • Cucumber Elderflower Syrup
    We heard refreshing and we heard flowery - the amalgamation of those two elements gave birth to this beautiful syrup. Pair it with white spirits on a Sunday afternoon or for a cooling sherbet post workout, this syrup will make a permanent place in your kitchen!

  • Rose & Lychee Syrup
    Crafted with the flavours of our childhood, this nostalgic flavouring goes incredibly well with white rum and gin cocktails and as perfect replacements for the artificial and sugar heavy sherbet and juice flavourings on the market. Don’t take our word for it, go ahead, try them for yourself!

  • Roasted Almond
    A crowd favourite, made with the goodness of roasted almonds, this syrup is versatile in nature! From your Friday night whiskey, to your Saturday morning milkshakes, pancakes, it does it all. Also goes perfectly with your confectionery items and your post workout protein shakes! We told you it does it all.

  • Filter Coffee
    Crafted with the goodness of the beloved frothy favourite from the south of India, the filter coffee syrup is a perfect game changer for your whiskey cocktails, breakfast foods or even as a replacement for coffee when you’re craving the taste of caffeine but also don’t want to stay up all night!

  • Fig & Cheese
    Okay hear us out. This unconventional pairing makes for a delicious addition to a glass of bourbon. With the goodness of fresh figs and a hint of cheese, this syrup can even be used as a glaze for your savoury roasts, as a dip, mixed with honey and to change things up in your traditional pastry recipes.

  • Pineapple Almond
    The richness of pineapples, with a hint of almonds make for the ultimate addition to your white rum cocktails, post work evening refreshers or even as a fruity tooty addition to your bakes and pastries!

  • Mango Ginger
    This syrup tastes like summer in a glass and we’re not the only ones saying it! Pair it with your white spirits, milkshakes or even juices to give them a bittersweet kick of flavour!


Store upto 6 months unopened, from the date of manufacture. Please refrigerate at all times, and consume within 30 days once opened.


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Customer Reviews

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Shravan Malik

Very interesting flavours that I haven't tried before.
Cherry spice syrup is like Xmas in a bottle
Mango, cucumber, pineapple is v fresh
Fig nd cheese was unique. Tried in a milkshake
Packaging good. It is delivered on time.