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Kerehaklu Estate Robusta Cold Brew Coffee (Pack of 6)

Kerehaklu Estate Robusta Cold Brew Coffee (Pack of 6)

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It’s our first ever robusta cold brew coffee!

Made using the Snakehead Naturals Processed Robusta Coffee beans from the Kerehaklu Estate in Chikmagalur, this coffee is the strongest punch of caffeine you can find, made smooth to drink thanks to the cold brewing process. 

The coffee is replete with rich, bold, and heady notes of walnuts, raisins, and cacao nibs, and reflects the red soil that the beans were grown in. And the flavour profile is rounded off with a fruity freshness, thanks to the naturals process of the coffee. 

The label artwork was designed by Zikra Rizwan, a Mumbai-based visual artist, who took inspiration for this mystical artwork from the rich biodiversity on the estate, and an enchanted forest that Kerehaklu Estate houses with pride. 

With each order, you receive 2 bottles of 500 ml each (total of 1 litre) of the Kerehaklu Estate Robusta Cold Brew Coffee.
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Loved it!

Everything You Need To Know

Know The Estate

The Kerehaklu Estate in Chikmagalur is proudly owned and run by multi-generational coffee producers, Ajoy and Pranoy Thipaiah. The name comes from old Kannada, meaning “the shelter by the lake”.
The robusta coffee you’re drinking in this cold brew coffee is the Snakehead Naturals, grown at an elevation of over 3700 feet above mean sea level. The estate is known for its sustainably shade grown coffees, and lush flora and fauna.

Know Your Roaster

Nirupam Ranjan is the head roaster and Q grader at Berry Co Roasters. After working across the board in the coffee value chain for about half a decade now, Nirupam aims to take Indian coffees to a point where they're known for their diverse flavours and rich culture. You can find him at the Berry Co. Roasting facility in HSR layout, Bangalore.

Know Your Brewer

Your cold brew coffee has been brought to you by our co-founder, Vardhman Jain. He's been home brewing since he was 15, and knows his coffees inside out. Together with his amazing team, he ensures quality control for every brewed batch, and makes it a perfect serve each time, so you get the same taste and flavour with every serve.

Storage Instructions

Each bottle can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 8 weeks until opened. Once opened, please consume the cold brew coffee within 7 days. Enjoy!

Delivery Information

Once ordered, your coffee will be dispatched from our base in Bangalore within 24 to 48 hours, in the best condition, with reliable courier partners across the country. Updates will be sent to your phone number and email ID used for placing the order, and if there's any concerns, please reach out to us! You can find out how HERE

Nutritional Information

- Less than 10kcal per serve 
- 0 sugar 
- No colours, flavours or preservatives 
- Ready to drink, no milk