The Community Brew

Since the time we started BONOMI back in 2020, a large part of our learning has been via you, the community. We have been able to better understand feedback on our products, fix our packaging & shipping timelines, launch new flavours, work better with farmers, estates, roasters & mixologists and more! 

For the last few weeks, Vardhman and I have been discussing how we could bring the community together, and make it more rewarding and easier to get your favourite BONOMI products - be it the cold brew coffee, gifting boxes or the cocktail boxes! 

We're glad to announce The Community Brew

By signing up to be a member of the BONOMI community, get priority access to product launches, participate in tastings & feedback sessions, exclusive discounts all year round and access to member only events and experiences! More below. 

  • Priority Access: You will receive access to all new cold brew coffees before we officially launch it, with pre launch pricing. 
  • Sampling & Tastings: Participate in new product tasting and feedback sessions where every month, where we deliver cold brew coffee on us, delivery charges on you. 
  • All Year Discounts: By signing up to be a member of the community, get all year round flat discounts on the website, applicable site wide, with no terms & conditions applicable. 
  • Events & ExperiencesWith the growth of the creator economy, we've discovered & created a network of individual creators in the field of coffee, and supporting industries. Get access to exclusive virtual events & experiences, on us! 

I'm in. Where do I sign up? 
Read on. Signing up to be a member is free, all we ask for is your time and honest feedback!

We're glad to announce our first ever Community Brew on Saturday, 21st January for the members of the community based in Bangalore

We've locked up ourselves in the brewery over the last 6 weeks to create 5 new flavoured (and mildly sweetened) cold brew coffees. This Saturday, you will be tasting all 5 new brews, blind - followed by a virtual session on Zoom. You will only find out which brew is which at the end of the session :)


  • Sign up to be a member of The Community Brew via the Google Form below. Please note, TCB is currently live only for members in Bangalore. 
  • Our team will get in touch with you to schedule the delivery for The Community Brew, on Saturday, 21st January. 
  • You will receive: 5 x 200ml cold brew coffees. You will pay only for delivery charges on actual, via Dunzo. 
  • Your brews will be delivered to you on Saturday before 1 PM. We recommend to keep your brews refrigerated till the Zoom session at 4 pm. 
Vardhman & Armaan