The Ratnagiri Experience - Creation of the Connoisseur's Cold Brew

The Ratnagiri Experience - Creation of the Connoisseur's Cold Brew

By Simran Chhabra

The Ratnagiri Experience - Creation of the Connoisseur's Cold Brew

The cold brew space has been a familiar one for BONOMI for a while. One of the first companies in the market to produce ready to drink cold brews, we’ve always been big believers in delivering only the best. The idea of crafting a cold brew with the beans from the Ratnagiri estate, one of the first of its kind, had been in resident brewer Vardhman Jain’s head for a while. The universe played out in our favour and Vardhman was able to make this dream a reality.

The Ratnagiri estate, located in the South Indian Western Ghats near Babudangiri, is where coffee in India first originated. With a rich and diverse ecosystem, the estate is home to some of the finest Arabica coffee. An incredible process for Vardhman, spanning months of blind taste tests within the coffee community, cracking the right balance and the excitement to deliver an experience like no other is what resulted into the two extraordinary brews that were launched this week!

The Ratnagiri Honey Processed Cold Brew and the Anaerobic Washed Cold Brew coffees have both been crafted with the utmost precision after months of trial and error. Both of these brews have intense character, depth and strong flavour profiles.

A collaborative effort, the experience for everyone involved in the process of sourcing the beans to roasting, brewing and designing the identity of these brews has been a special one, indeed.

For Vardhman Jain, in-house brewer and partner at BONOMI, working with Mr. Ashok Patre, the CEO of the Ratnagiri estate was a dream come true, in his own words. For roaster and Q grader, Nirupam Ranjan, the Ratnagiri beans have never failed to impress him and to be able to work with Vardhman to create a cold brew with them was nothing short of an adventure. He’s responsible for the incredible flavour profile of the beans and for the beautiful flavour complexity they hold.

Designer and illustrator, Asha Haridas who is behind the beautiful packaging of the brews called this experience, a very collaborative, positive, creatively liberating and a fulfilling one. For the identity, she drew inspiration from the elements of the estate and its extensive biodiversity to create a quirky yet playful approach towards the Ratnagiri cold brews.

An experience in a bottle, the Ratnagiri cold brews both have very distinct flavour profiles. The Honey Processed brew, packs on smooth flowery notes with a sweet aftertaste. While the Anaerobic Washed brew on the other hand, is nutty and chocolate-y with subtle notes of black tea, lemon and melon making it perfect for anyone who enjoys their coffee, bold.


Crafted with the aim to redefine the coffee drinking experience for both, the old and young, promises to deliver a cold brew experience like never before, for a coffee aficionado and a coffee amateur, alike.