Why We Taste Test Our Cold Brew Coffee | #BrewLabz

Why We Taste Test Our Cold Brew Coffee | #BrewLabz

Here’s what went down when we got our latest cold brew coffee experiment user-tested 

A serving of BONOMI Caramel Mocha Cold Brew Coffee being poured into a tasting cup

They say “customer is king” and they’re not entirely off the mark. When a new product is created or a new brand makes an entry, the trial by fire comes from how many people like it and how much. The journey for cold brew coffee and BONOMI is no different. 

For folks like us, our cold brew coffee interacts with the users, sometimes well before we do! And at BONOMI, we’ve always maintained that we’re built on and grown by user love — not just folks that are major fans of cold brew coffee, but also folks who’ve never tried it before and have grown to love a ready-to-drink, flavoured cold brew coffee. 

Various shots of people enjoying cold brew coffee within the BONOMI cold brew coffee tasting session

So, naturally, when we decided to play around with our formulation and try something different with our existing cold brew coffee recipe, we had to know what our most ardent users thought about it! 

(And before you ask, no — we’re not telling you what we did different just yet! Some secrets are best kept secret, right?)

Here’s how this happened — our chief brewer and co-founder Vardhman, and our food technologist Avanija, first tried the recipe and product in-house, to make sure the team, which is also an eclectic mix of cold brew coffee lovers, could taste the difference and tell us if the experiment was really worthwhile. Once they were satisfied, we invited users of BONOMI — folks who consume our cold brew coffee regularly and are based out of Bengaluru, along with a few folks who had never tried our cold brew coffee before, and Vardhman said, “let the tasting begin!”

Co-founder and chief brewer, Vardhman Jain, explaining the tasting session purpose and process to the users of BONOMI

The evening was nothing short of an exercise in discernment. Given that it was a blind test - which means the users weren’t told which was the original recipe and which was the new one - and they had to tell us what they thought about each! 

Like any cupping session for cold brew coffee, we didn’t load our users up with caffeine, but it’s safe to say they probably stayed up a little longer than usual that night!  
They mingled, they questioned, they puckered, they were surprised, but most importantly — they pulled no punches about what they thought. And that’s the kind of honesty we not only hoped for, but also actively work to bring to the table ourselves. 

Various expressions of people tasting the BONOMI cold brew coffees

But why, really, did we do a tasting session? This wasn’t our first and definitely won’t be our last. So long as we at BONOMI keep trying new things, we want to ensure our most invested users are a part of that process, in some way, shape, or form.
We’d like to believe it’s that when anyone chooses to drink a BONOMI cold brew coffee, they are choosing great flavour, great taste, and consistently stellar cold brew coffee each time. And no one can tell us that better than our users, right? We trust them as much as they trust us, if not more. And here’s hoping that continues :) 
If you haven’t tried our cold brew coffee yet, you can get yourself an Assorted Pack of 6 flavoured BONOMI cold brew coffee HERE
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