Why We Make A Ready To Drink Black Coffee

Why We Make A Ready To Drink Black Coffee

Uncovering the reasons why we at BONOMI do what we do with cold brew coffee

Ready to drink coffee in five flavours placed on a table, this is a black coffee that is also a cold brew coffee


We’ve heard, time and again, that India is a tea drinking country. And there’s enough statistical evidence to prove this. Two of every five people across the country are known to prefer tea over coffee, and only 18 percent of the country’s people are dedicated coffee drinkers. So why do we, as a brand and a people, choose to make black coffee that’s ready to drink?

There’s been a recent paradigm shift in how people drink what they drink. The awareness around coffee and its varieties, and the ways in which it can be had has increased exponentially in the last few years. Black coffee, as a beverage, has started to creep into people’s dietary preferences, given that it is estimated to be healthier, have a good amount of caffeine for the day’s activities, and there are so many ways it can be made! Whether you choose an espresso or a cold brew coffee, a moka pot or a pour over, the possibilities are endless. 


An image of a black coffee being made using the pour over method. Shot by Tyler Nix | Unsplash

By Tyler Nix | Unsplash

However, there’s still a relative amount of scepticism when it comes to black coffee. It’s too strong, it’s too acidic, it gets people jittery and hyper. And these aren’t things we’ve heard today — these are just some of the doubts we hear every time we do an event or a tasting, or have someone try our ready to drink coffee for the first time. 

But if more and more people are better aware of home brewing methods, have access to good coffee beans, and are leaning to black coffee as their beverage of choice — where does BONOMI come in? Why would we make a cold brew coffee that’s a black coffee that’s ready to drink? 


The answer lies in a personal dilemma faced by both our founders, Armaan and Vardhman, who realised during the height of the pandemic that, in order to get a good black coffee that’s also a cold brew, they had to visit a cafe or spend the time at home to brew it themselves. The lack of convenience is what got them thinking. What if cold brew coffee was a ready to drink coffee, available to order when one liked? One that is absolutely fresh, brewed locally everyday, with strict adherence to quality control? Wouldn’t it be a preferred option over actually spending the time to find the right beans, steep them over 16 to 24 hours, filter the brew, and then drink a cold brew black coffee at home? 

The answer in their minds was a resounding yes. And so, BONOMI decided that a ready to drink coffee that’s also black coffee was just the way to go. And we’ve spent the last many months busting the doubts that black coffee is known to extricate. 


Is it bitter and acidic? Black coffee can be bitter, but with BONOMI, and with the cold brewing method, much of the bitterness and the acidity is taken away, given that there’s no pressure or heat applied to the beans in the brewing process, both of which contribute to the high acidity and bitterness of a cup of hot black coffee you’d find otherwise. 

Add to that, we’ve got four flavours that one can choose from, for their ready to drink coffee experience, which also take care of the bitterness factor, and elevate the humble black coffee and make it all the more exciting. Whether you choose the vanilla, the hazelnut, the cinnamon, or the caramel mocha, the BONOMI experience ensures that you find yourself a great coffee in a ready to drink bottle, every single time. 

So, bottom line — why do we at BONOMI make a black coffee that’s a ready to drink coffee that’s cold brewed? Because we love our coffee, in all it’s bold, black glory, and we hope you do too!

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